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For many families in Texas, deportation means the separation of husbands from wives, parents from children, and hope from dreams.

At Plummer Law Firm, we understand the struggles immigrant families face, and we use our legal knowledge and resources to keep families together. If you or someone you love is in the United States without legal permission, has a visa that is about to expire, or could be forced to return to the country of origin for another reason — our attorney can help you get the governmental permission you need in order to remain in the United States legally. We can also help you get permission to bring a child or other family member to the United States, temporarily or permanently.

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Immigration Pardons| Waivers for Parents, Spouses and Children | Deferred Action Work Permits

Our law firm assists clients throughout West Texas and the Permian Basin in securing immigrant visas, as well as assisting clients in securing permanent residency and citizenship. However, much of our practice focuses on waivers (also known as "pardons" or "perdones").

With the appropriate waiver, we can enable you to remain in the United States even if your visa has expired, you are here illegally, or you have been convicted of a crime.

Further, we can also obtain waivers for your relative, spouse or child who resides outside the country, or could otherwise be deported from the United States due to lack of permission.

Immigration law provides a special juvenile immigrant visa that is sometimes called a "children's visa" that can enable your foreign-born child to legally enter the United States and/or remain here if it can be proven that you will suffer hardship if permission is not granted. These include the recently authorized deferred action work permits. These are available to youth and adults who live in the United States and have the necessary educational qualifications.

If you are an unmarried parent or a U.S. citizen (or resident), we can guide you through the correct waiver or visa process so your child can come to the U.S. and remain here.

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What is stated above is by no means a comprehensive explanation of your options under U.S. immigration policy. Immigration matters are extremely complex, and the legal system is difficult to navigate without an experienced guide.

Fortunately, attorney Lilly Plummer has more than 20 years of experience in uniting immigrant families by helping family members enter and/or remain in the United States permanently. She understands immigration laws and how they are implemented. Meet with her, and she will thoroughly discuss your options for obtaining a waiver, visa, permanent residency, or citizenship — and she will lead you to the best possible solution.

For answers to your questions about securing a waiver, filing for a children's visa, or obtaining other permissions as a prelude to residency or citizenship, contact Plummer Law Firm online or by phone at 432-242-6038. Our attorney speaks fluent Spanish. La abogada habla español.