Odessa Lawyer Handling Termination of Parental Rights Cases

When a child has been abused or neglected by a parent, Texas Child Protective Services (CPS) may intervene and remove the child from the parent's care. Usually this removal is involuntary. Often, it ends with the limitation or termination of the parent's rights to the child.

At Plummer Law Firm in Odessa, Texas, we defend the rights of parents and children in termination of parental rights cases. Our attorney, Lilly Plummer, has more than 20 years of experience as a family lawyer. She thoroughly understands CPS and how child protection laws are implemented in courts throughout the Permian Basin and West Texas.

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How We Can Help

Retain our law firm, and we can fight to keep your child from being removed from your home or to restore your access to a child who has been taken from you. We can also work to fight a petition to terminate your parental rights in court.

For a flat fee, our attorney can appear on your behalf at child placement conferences, court hearings, and interviews with CPS workers, supervisors and program directors to advocate for your rights.

Conversely, if you are a relative or friend who has an interest in protecting a child from abuse or neglect, we can also represent you in seeking termination of parental rights as a prelude to foster care or adoption. Always, we work to create outcomes that are in the child's best interest.

Fighting Child Abuse, Neglect And False Allegations | Midland Child Abandonment Lawyer

Why does CPS take children from parents? Common reasons include:

  • Physical or emotional abuse by the parent, or anyone in the home environment
  • Sexual abuse by the parent, or anyone in the home environment
  • Abandonment (leaving a child unattended)
  • Neglect, including failure to feed, clothe, bathe, educate or otherwise provide necessities to a child's well-being
  • Failure to pay child support

False reports to CPS are common. Former spouses may accuse their counterparts of abuse to gain full custody of a child. Often, CPS investigations start because of a single allegation from a well-intentioned social worker, teacher, neighbor or bystander. A simple misunderstanding can lead to a parent's loss of temporary or permanent access to a child.

Texas Attorney For CPS Investigations

If you are facing a CPS investigation or a petition for termination of your parental rights, it is important to retain an experienced attorney. Our lawyer has that experience, and she can help you navigate the maze of CPS involvement in your life.

Earlier in her career, Attorney Plummer worked for more than two years in the Ector County Attorney's civil division, where she served as the first assistant and chief child abuse prosecutor of the Ector County Attorney's Office, and where she represented CPS in all court-related matters. She also worked as a criminal defense attorney, representing parents whose criminal cases arose from CPS cases. Today, judges in several counties appoint her to represent both parents and children in CPS cases and private disputes.

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